Woodstock Homes in Bristol Awarded A1 Status by the NHBC

NHBC logoWe are delighted to announce that Woodstock Homes in Bristol, has been awarded A1 builder status by the NHBC.

The NHBC is the industry body that guarantees the workmanship in new homes. A ten year NHBC guarantee gives our customers peace of mind when they invest in one of our homes.


In order to register houses with the NHBC, Woodstock Homes is required to pay fees each year to this industry body. There are 17 different premium scales within the scheme and each year Woodstock Homes' status is reviewed. The NHBC rewards builders with a low claims rate against the houses they build, with lower registration fees. The award also recognises the length of time a home builder has been registering houses with the NHBC.


Claims made against house builders are usually made between 6 and 12 years after a house has been built, so newer house builders are unable to achieve the top A1 grade.The NHBC awards grades between A1 and D4, the letter recognises length of time in the business and the number donates the quality of build, 1 being the highest. As Woodstock Homes has over 16 years experience in the Bristol and South West areas and builds top quality homes, we have been awarded top marks!


Woodstock Homes is delighted to have been recognised by the NHBC for our top quality houses and our customers can rest assured that they are buying a well built home which will remain a sound investment for years to come.


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