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Before you Move

Reservation of your new home

On reserving your new home, your Sales Advisor will have talked to you about your new home and explained the following :

  • The terms of sale including purchase price (the Sales Advisor will give you a copy of the signed Reservation Form confirming these details)
  • Details of the property including land, location, site layout, demarcation and boundary details and any communal areas or common parts.
  • Approximate room sizes.
  • Details of fixtures & fittings to be included.
  • Details of the heating system.
  • Kitchen and bathroom layouts.
  • Summary of external works and materials.
  • Details of items which may not be finished before you complete the purchase, such as road surfacing, landscaping, communal areas, common parts and the availability of your garage or parking space at completion.
  • Details of any planning conditions and covenants binding on the property together with an explanation in layman's terms, if required.
  • You will receive a letter from our head office confirming your reservation and a booklet explaining the NHBC Buildmark Warranty.


During Construction

  • The construction of your new home takes place outdoors in the wind and rain, hence our construction programs can be adversely affected. For this reason the anticipated completion date that we give you (usually when you reserve your new home) is our best estimate and may be subject to change.
  • For houses, we generally have a much clearer idea of the completion date once the roof is finished and for apartments, once your particular apartment is dry lined or plastered. However, these dates remain as a guide and do not become firm until we serve notice (see legal section).


  • You need to appoint a solicitor or conveyancer to deal with the legal formalities which include the execution of the Contract at exchange and completion.
  • Once your new home is physically complete, notice is served. This has to be done through our solicitor to yours in accordance with the Contract. We will of course let you know directly as well.
  • The period of notice is as set out in the Contract - usually 14 days.
  • On the day of legal completion, your solicitor will arrange for the transfer of the balance of the purchase monies to our solicitor. Once receipt has been confirmed, you may collect the keys to your new home from our agent or on site sales staff. To avoid delay and disappointment, please ensure that your solicitor and mortgage provider are fully aware of the timetable and arrangements we are working to.
  • We will contact you on a regular basis and give you clear advice as to when we need information or action from you or your solicitor.

Two Weeks before Completion

  • You will be invited to a Pre-Occupation Inspection and Demonstration (further details are in the folder) with a member of our team. This will need to be during working hours and you should allow at least two hours.

Completion Day

  • Our Sales Advisor will meet you for a formal handover. If we do not have a sales office on site, keys can be collected from the local agent and we will arrange a fixed time for a Woodstock Homes representative to meet you for the handover.
  • At handover, we will record the meter readings and ask you to confirm receipt of your house keys.
  • You will be given a Homeowner’s Manual filled with hints on tips about caring for your new home and an Appliance Folder with instruction books.
  • It is possible that external areas and some of the common parts in apartments, will not be fully completed, but you can rest assured they will be safe and secure.

After Completion

Our Customer Care Co-ordinator will:

  • Phone you to check how you are settling into your new home approximately 48 hours after you move in.
  • Write to you after two weeks to check that you are enjoying your new home and to offer a courtesy visit should you have any concerns or have discovered anything that you consider unsatisfactory.
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