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Reserving your Home

Move easily with Woodstock Homes

We understand that moving home can at times be a stressful experience, so we work hard to make sure that buying one of our new homes is as easy and straightforward as possible.

Once you have chosen your new home, a deposit is required to reserve it. The asking price is fixed at this stage, Woodstocks make moving easyso you can be confident of the final purchase price.

Your new home is taken “off the market” so no other buyers can make an offer for the property while it is reserved.


Your Sales Advisor will :

  • Complete a Reservation Form for signature by you and Woodstock Homes to confirm your reservation and deposit.
  • Explain the terms of sale including purchase price.
  • Give you details of the property including location, site layout, demarcation and boundary details and any communal areas or common parts.
  • Provide approximate room sizes, kitchen and bathroom layouts.
  • Provide a summary of works for the outside areas (e.g. fencing, patios etc).
  • Details of items which may not be finished before you complete the purchase, such as road surfacing, landscaping, communal areas, common parts and your garage or parking space at completion.
  • Details of any planning conditions and covenants binding on the property together with an explanation in layman's terms, if required.

We confirm your reservation

As you can see, we like you to be fully informed and aware of every aspect of your new home! You may be given the opportunity to select certain items (e.g. kitchen, tiling,), subject to the build stage, to really personalise your home.



‘I would like to say that Woodstock Homes have been a pleasure to deal with. You delivered a good quality build with the handover and follow up dealt with quickly and efficiently. I would certainly buy from you again.’

Andy Clemence, Bristol
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